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Who are DrDownpipe

At DrDownpipe we are an ambitious company who set out with one aim. To be the number one selling exhaust downpipe cleaner for motorcycles in the World. We have produced a premium product to clean your motorcycle downpipes. Financially sound with the scope to provide our cleaner in 50 countries worldwide. We are a forward-thinking company who like to do things differently.  We 100% comply with all regulations and standards. We are making waves already in the motorcycle cleaning industry and are growing. We are a team of bikers and we know about cleaning motorbikes. 

We have high standards at DrDownpipe and that shines through in our number 1 selling exhaust downpipe cleaner.  We have now added further products to the DrDownpipe range and are expanding all the time. You can find these in our "SHOP" section of the website. 

DrDownpipe - The Exhaust Remedy is our flag ship product and is an exhaust cleaner made by bikers and experienced valet professionals. Our exhaust cleaner has been made specifically for motorcycle downpipes and is a far superior cleaner than some household products on the market. DrDownpipe is made right here in the UK and is safe to use on your motorcycle. Biodegradable Acid-based offers the strongest cleaning capabilities when it comes to cleaning your motorcycle downpipes. 

Extensive testing of products and cleaning of motorcycle downpipes inspired us to create this cleaner to give you a solution which actually works. The cleaner comes in a 500ml bottle and will clean stainless steel downpipes. We supply this product to motorcycle dealers and bike valet companies, as well as many customers who take pride in cleaning and detailing their motorcycle. 

Get your motorcycle looking its best by giving it a thorough deep clean. There is no point in cleaning your motorcycle and leaving the downpipes looking filthy, it will let all your hard work down. If you are going to clean your bike then clean the downpipes!! 

We believe our cleaner is the best on the market, try it for yourself. It's also made in the UK which we are proud of.

Keep riding! The Team @ DrDownpipe

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