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DrDownpipe Exhaust Remedy is all you need to get your stainless steel Downpipes shining again. With its strong and aggressive formulated solution it will break down even the most in grained dirt on your Downpipes.

Directions for use


Spray directly onto cold Downpipes, leave to soak in for up to 1 minute, we recommend using the cleaning pad provided to agitate the dirt. If the downpipes are heavily soiled repeat this process to optimise the result. Finally rinse clean. Keep out of reach of children.


Easy to use, spray application

Suitable for use on Stainless steel, chromium 

DrDownpipe Exhaust Cleaner - 500ml

SKU: 364215376135191
  • This exhaust cleaner will take the stress and hassle out of cleaning your motorcycle downpipes. This product is made right here in the UK and is made for motorcycle stainless steel downpipes. Its been made by bikers for bikers. New to the market DrDownpipe has received positive reviews from customers across the world. 

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