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Foam Freshener Premium is a highly effective, easy to use foam cleaner which is ideal for helmet liners or any soft material which comes into contact with the rider. Foam Freshener Premium has an instant foaming action,which gently agitates dirt and grimeaway from the surface leaving a fresh citrus smell. All riding gear benefits from this uniquely formulated product. It's amazing for use on gloves, shoes, liners and body armour. Use after every ride for the freshest results. 

DrDownpipe - Foam Freshener - Premium 400ML

SKU: 22499278091
  • Shake well before use. Always test on inconspicuous area first.  Simply spray Foam Freshener Premium on to the fabricand leave it to work its magic. For heavily soiled gear,agitate with a cloth to work deeper into the stains. Ensure helmet is completely dry before use. 

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