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A must-have product for professional and beginners. This premium foam is highly concentrated, high foaming with a powerful PH cleaning formula.


Safe to use on all types of paintwork DrDownpipe Pre Wash Snow foam is a fantastic way to prepare your vehicle for cleaning.


Once applied the pH neutral formula breaks down excess dirt, dust, and grime to leave behind a prepped surface for washing. This high foaming product will encapsulate dirt and grime safely removing it from your vehicle prior to contact washing. This minimizes scratching and swirl marks on the paint surface. This foam has a pleasant cherry scent and will leave your vehicle smelling lush!


Drdownpipe - Pre Wash Snow Foam 5L

SKU: 23481397125
  • Pre Wash Snow Foam

    1. Use a ratio of 9 parts water to 1 part product. Fill your Snow foam lance feeder bottle. 

    2. Apply the foam to vehicle working from the top, down

    3. Let the specialist surfactant technology work for a few minutes.

    4. Rinse off and follow with DrDownpipe Shampoo. 

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