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DrDownpipe Speed Shine is a Premium Formulation containing the Finest Grade Carnauba Wax and UV Protection.


Speed Shine has been designed for quick application, leaving a deep luxurious long lasting shine on your vehicle. Spray on and buff off. Stand back and admire. 


Speed Shine is a great solution in looking after your paintwork between washes. Using this product in direct sunlight is safe and will also leave no white residue on trim or black plastic. 


Speed Shine will also leave your vehicle smelling amazing with its sweet watermelon scent. 

DrDownpipe - Speed Shine & Microfibre Cloth - 500ml

SKU: 36722298238923
    1. Ensure the vehicle is thoroughly washed and dried.
    2. Lightly spray a mist of DrDownpipe Speed Shine Wax Spray onto the intended surface.
    3. Buff off with a clean, dry microfibre cloth.
    4. Stand back and admire.  
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