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Drdownpipe have produced a Professional grade non-acid wheel cleaner and it cuts throught dirt and grime like a knife through butter.  A fast and very effective wheel cleaner carefully formulated to be acid free and to leave your wheels looking like new again.


Removes road grime,road film, grease, brake dust and oxidation.


This product is completley safe to use with all clear coat finishes, we do recommend testing on an inconspicuous area with bare metal or polsihed alloys. 



DrDownpipe - Wheel Cleaner Non Acid - 500ml

SKU: 23678985665
  • 1. Spray onto the wheel surface ensuring good coverage 

    2. Allow 2-3 minutes dwell time. Do not allow to dry on the wheel surface.

    3. Agitate with a cleaning brush to help remove stubborn dirt

    4. Rinse off with your pressure washer 

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