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DrDownpipe Electric Motorbike Cleaner is waterless, so you can wash your bike anytime, any place, without the need for water. Our advanced polymer compound technology will give your bike a complete wash, shine and protection treatment which is 100% safe on all aspects of electric motorbikes, bicycles and scooters. Our formulation is completely acid free and uses nothing that will corrode or harm electrical components. DirectionsSpray Electric Motorbike Cleaner onto your bikes exterior and simply wipe away with a Microfibre cloth to remove the dirt. The polymer technology in our cleaner will encapsulate any surface dirt leaving you free to wipe it away without scratching your bikes paint surface. Once the surface dirt is wiped away a protective coating is left behind. Buff to a shine for that showroom shine finish. Our product will not leave streaks behind. It’s UniversalOur cleaner can be used on any hard surface of your electric bike and it will leave it looking super clean. Use on any motorcycle, bicycle, or scooter.

Electric Motorbike Cleaner - 500ml

SKU: 366615376135191
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