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This 2 litre cleaner is only avalible at DrDownpipe.Com you cannot buy this anywhere else.


Size is 2 Litres 



CLEANS: Engines, Wheels, Fairings, Forks, Seats, Handlebars, Plastics, Chrome, Rear Shocks, Headlights, Carbon Fibre, Spokes, Top Boxes, Brake Pads, Paintwork, Rubber and Anodised Parts. Basically everywhere on your motorbike!!!!



Pre soak your motorbike then apply DrDownpipe Motorbike Cleaner (be generous with the cleaner). We recommend leaving the cleaner on your bike for up to 2 minutes before cleaning off with water. We like to use a jet wash here at DrDownpipe for that job.. DO NOT APPLY when engine is hot or in direct sunlight as the cleaner will dry out too quickly.

Motorbike Cleaner -Spray On Wash Off - 2 Litre

SKU: 284215376135191
  • Our all new motorbike cleaner will remove dirt from your bike with ease. We know how to clean bikes here at DrDownpipe. Our cleaner is made right here in the UK and will help you get your bike looking gleaming again. Spray on and Wash off formula. Agitate any stubborn dirt with a soft brush or a drdownpipe wash mitt. 

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