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GOLD STANDARD MOTORCYCLE SHAMPOO with Carnauba Wax. We know how to make motorcycle cleaning products! Our fast and effective motorcycle sweet smelling shampoo will make cleaning your motorcycle easy. Our self-drying technology means you need minimal equipment to get the job done!


DrDownpipe motorcycle shampoo is a motorcycle safe product and has been extensively tested on all surfaces which require cleaning. Our product is silicone-free and will restore the natural shine of your motorcycle. Our shampoo is high-foaming for a longer contact time and easy rinsing which means you can clean your bike quickly and effectively. We provide this in a Super-concentrated formula and it comes in a large 500ml bottle which means it will give you many washes before it runs out. It's a must for any bike or valet professional.


The best thing about this shampoo is our self-drying technology which cuts down time and means you can wash your bike quickly and spend more time riding it!! DrDownpipe Motorcycle Shampoo is our luxurious, super concentrated motorbike shampoo. From beginners to professional valeters. Our high foaming formulation will bring a deep shine back to your motorcycle.


The self drying technology inside our shampoo will also allow you to let your motorcycle "air dry" without it leaving watermarks or streaks. You can also dry your bike to speed this up if you wish. This silicone-free shampoo will form a high foaming barrier to prevent scratching your paintwork. Our shampoo is fully compatible with all types of polishes, sealants and ceramic coatings.

Motorcycle Shampoo -Dr Downpipe High Shine - 500ml - With Carnauba Wax

SKU: 25544895614
  • Made right here in the Uk our new Motorcycle Shampoo contains Carnauna Wax andwill have your motorcycle or scooter looking gleaming in seconds. 

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