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PREMIUM PRODUCT - Salt Free - Acid Free - PH Neutral Specially formulated for matt or denim paint, this quick solution cleans and protects the matt finish on your motorcycle. Our cleaner will not streak or leave marks on your matt finish. Spray and wipe with a soft cloth such as a microfibre cloth. The cleaner will remove grease, fingerprints dirt and grime. Works on all Matt and Denim paint surfaces on all makes and models or motorcycle,spray and wipe is the key to this product. You don't need to buff the paintwork as this could damage the surface of the paint and give it a polished effect. The polish will flash off as it dries. Wipe any excess with a soft cloth.

Matte Paint Cleaner - PH Neutral - Salt Free - Acid Free - 500ml

SKU: 36523641234523
  • Made right here in the Uk our new Matte Paint Cleaner will have your Matte finished motorcycle or scooter looking gleaming in seconds. 

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