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This DrDownpipe Motorcycle Multi Pack has 3 essential items for you to clean, lube and offer the ultimate protection to your motorbike. All aerosols are BIG 500ML cans.


Our premium formulation Silicone Shine will leave your your motorcycle looking like it just rolled out the showroom.

Use after washing as a lasting protection against dirt buildup and rust. Repeated use of Dr Downpipe Bubblegum Fragrance Silicone Shine prevents dirt build up.making cleaning easier.Use as a lubricant on suspension fork stanchions and sealsfor reduced friction and smoother travel.


Protects and leaves a protective shine on metal, plastic & rubber parts.

Reduces friction on fork stanchions and rear shocks

Premium Silicone formula prevents dirt build up on treated surfaces

Makes future cleaning and maintenance easier


Our dual purpose cleaner is all you need to get your chain and brakes clean again. Formulated to work on both and save you having to buy two seperate cleaners. Our cleaner is safe on components but tough on dirt!.


CLEANS DRIVE CHAINS Removes grease, oil, gunk and grime on impact, saving you time. Cleans your chain and all bike components. Degreases oil, grease, dirt and grime and wipes off easily. No amount of caked-on grease could stop this stuff. Works immediately on contact for unbeatable speed. Removes dirt and grime to extend the life of moving parts of your road bike, off-road or bicycle. High performance for soil removal - solvent based. Works on impact to save time & effort.


CLEANS BRAKE COMPONENTS This dual purpose product can be used on brake discs, calipers and drums to remove dirt, oil and brake dust. The product will evaporate leaving the surface dry.


Introducing our all new DrDownpipe premium formulation chain lube. This has been brought to market after extensive testing, trialing and analysis, to establish a premium product to market. Our premium chain lube follows on from our number one selling motorcycle downpipe cleaner. An aerosol spray lubricant with excellent penetrating properties specially formulated for use on all chains. It leaves a fine clear film of P.T.F.E., eliminating the need for cleaning of chains prior to safety inspection.


Spray Dr Downpipe Chain Lube liberally onto chains keeping the aerosol upright. The addition of Anti-Fling Lubricants gives this chain lube excellent salt water protection and ensure extended chain life. Dr Downpipe Chain Lube is ideal for all types of agricultural, industrial and marine chains and is especially effective on motorcycles and fork lift chains.


Made by bikers for bikers. We are the peoples bike cleaning company. Raising money for charity along the way. Bikers asked us when we were going to bring out a chain lube. Well here it is and it’s a winner. Made right here in the UK.


Quietens noisy chains

Extends Life - Prevents wear

Penetrates and Lubricates

Protects against corrosion and weathering

Water and steam repellent


The drdownpipe chain cleaning brush is a cleaning brush designed to keep your chain maintained looking its cleanest, and in top condition. Designed with four brushes to get into all the hard to reach places on your chain. This chain cleaning brush makes light work of dirt when used with the DrDownpipe Chain and Brake cleaner. A must have product!


The Motorcycle Multi Pack Clean Protect Maintain

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  • We offer a full refund and return within 28days of purchase. Item must be unused. It must also be in the original unopened packaging

  • We ship worldwide

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