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1x 500ML - Drdownpipe exhaust cleaner - DrDownpipe Exhaust Remedy is all you need to get your stainless steel Downpipes shining again. With its strong and aggressive formulated solution it will break down even the most in grained dirt on your Downpipes.Directions for use Spray directly onto cold Downpipes, leave to soak in for up to 1 minute, we recommend using the cleaning pad provided to agitate the dirt. If the downpipes are heavily soiled repeat this process to optimise the result. Finally rinse clean. Keep out of reach of children. Easy to use, spray application. Suitable for use on Stainless steel, chromium.


1 x 500ML Motorcycle Shampoo - DrDownpipe Motorcycle Shampoo is our luxurious, super concentrated motorbike shampoo.From beginners to professional valeters. Our high foaming formulation will bring a deep shine back to your motorcycle. The self drying technology inside our shampoo will also allow you to let your motorcycle "air dry" without it leaving watermarks or streaks. You can also dry your bike to speed this up if you wish. This silicone-free shampoo will form a high foaming barrier to prevent scratching your paintwork. Our shampoo is fully compatible with all types of polishes, sealants and ceramic coatings.


1 x Microfibre Wash Mitt - Softly removes dirt. Perfect fit as these have an elasticated cuff. Perfectly designed with a structure to remove dirt from your motorcycle gently, without damaging paintwork. Machine washable so can be used again and again. Use our microfibre mitt instead of a sponge for a much more effective clean of your motorcycle. Use with our new Motorcycle Shampoo.


1 x Microfibre Drying Towel - Premium grade and ultra plush an excellent towel to dry or polish your motorcycle.


2 x Cleaning Pads - For use with our drdownpipe exhaust cleaner only. 

DrDownpipe - Wash Set

SKU: 671253175371
  • Our wash set is excellent value for money. It also makes a perfect gift for the biker in your life. The set contains:

    1 x DrDownpipe cleaner 500ml 

    1 x Motorcycle shampoo

    1 x Premium microfibre wash mitt

    1 x Microfibre drying towel

    2 x Cleaning pads

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